Epic Adventure Before it begins

Epic Adventure – Before it Begins

Our family trip to Paris, France – Tokyo, Japan – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Airbnb’s are booked.  In Paris we will stay at:

In Tokyo we will stay at:

Let us compare afterward – what we booked and what we got.  So this is the before, same post after the trip with the details of each location.

We have the exchanged moneys, we used a credit union, which had no fees according to my husband and his mother – Wings Credit Union.  Next time we exchange I will for sure ask a lot of questions on this no fee, same exchange to assure this is true, as I want to report back to each of you.  It seems too good to be true, as the airport charges the best fees I have found, and my current bank has large fees associated with foreign money exchanges. 

Tip:  Check with a Credit Union or a friend who could exchange $ for you at a credit union for great foreign money exchange fees.

We have the credit cards – we are bringing two, one each with no foreign exchange fees (this could cost you upwards of 10% per transactions, so very important to have this in place). 

Tip:  ALWAYS bring two credit cards when traveling – as I will read about in a future post, if one is compromised you will have a back-up.

We have our luggage picked out, our three largest suitcases, with another in each (for bringing home gifts).  We are traveling with three of our five children and sometimes we question why we would ever do that, but I already know the answer, I love them unconditionally and cannot wait for this Epic Family Adventure.

Flying out of Toronto Airport on Air France.

What NOT to Rent on Home Rental sites

So I am searching for hours on AirBNB and VRBO. Rental home sites – that I have had a lot of success with. I have heard of scams with these sites, people who up load locations that do not exist, you book it, pay for it and get nothing when you show up. I have a few hints on how to AVOID one of these scams.

First – someone new to the site – RED Flag!

Second – someone without any other rentals – RED Flag!

Third – No history of anything – RED Flag!

Fourth – Cheap prices for more than every other site – RED Flag!

Fifth – Sketchy pictures of the rental location, maybe just part of a room, missing beds or kitchen or bathroom images- RED Flag!

Sixth – No details of the rental location – or very limited details – RED Flag!

Seventh – Next to nothing in cleaning and service fees – RED Flag!

Eigth – Left click on the image of the owner, or home and see other websites with this image – Nothing but SCAM!

See sample image – everything in this area is going for $250, this one – $185, plus very low cleaning and rental fees, new to site, no reviews, no history of any kind to review, pictures are at best sketchy. Now – this might be a great location to rent, but it also might be a SCAM. All I know is I would hate to visit a location and have NO place to stay when I get and have all my money gone too. Not sure in the refund policy for this with VRBO and AirBNB, but I will investigate. I blocked out ALOT of the details, hence the blanked out portions.