Bridgetown, Barbados – Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise

We are back for awhile now, but posting on our Jolly Roger Cruise. This was so fun – we would both take this cruise again in a heart beat. We were picked up at the cruise ship dock, we took a short ride to the boat, where we had the chance to buy a lunch – either buffet or hamburger – we just ate breakfast, so shared a $5 hamburger. Good thing, because the rum punch on this cruise was triple charged and we needed the lunch. Rum was free.

First we snorkeled and saw baby sea turtles, and a sunken ship – wish we had more time here, but time flies by when your having fun. Wish we had some pictures to share of the baby sea turtles, but hard to carry a phone underwater.

Then we headed about 30 minutes away and they pulled out a plank, a pirates plank and we all jumped off, then a rope swing.

20 thoughts on “Bridgetown, Barbados – Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise

      1. No to bad in Texas, Hope to keep it that way. A few suspect cases, we are trying to stay safe. We are checked each day at the door and given a mask which we wear all day.

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      2. I hope it does not make it over that way, we are in Detroit, and it is fairly bad over here, but keeping busy with things and loving each other, that is the best you can do when things go bad. Calling my parents 2x day, stopping over there 1/week to drop off groceries for them, and stand outside about 12 feet away and talked for about 30minutes – that was nice.

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    1. Marie, it was Lethal, and when I went to get one for my husband, they bartender said, I know you husband (must have tipped him earlier) and took the punch then added in more rum, and I mean a lot, so mine was rum punch his was 3x punch. But it was So fun.


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