Trip to Puerto Rico

Ok, finalized a trip to Puerto Rico. We wanted to donate supplies while there, but can find nothing online about donations when visiting, so I am going with a trip to a local church and then dropping off kids toys and school supplies. Wish we had a real list of what is needed, so if you have suggestions, let us know. No China for now, but Puerto Rico and a Cruise while visiting.

21 thoughts on “Trip to Puerto Rico

  1. ♡ Your Time with Others; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Sharing of Knowledge is Invaluable and Often Converted to Wisdom


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  2. Money is always the best to donate for relief from disasters. That way the agencies can purchase what they need and not have to store items they don’t need.

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      1. My pleasure! I like to call myself “World’s Greatest Googler”… far from the truth but fun to say!

        It’s great that you’re including helping others in your vacation plans. I hope you have a great time!

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  3. After the Camp Fire, the best gifts we received were monetary donations. We preferred purchasing our own toiletries, clothing, etc. Of course, we were fortunate to have access to Target and Walmart, etc. I don’t know if that’s the case in Puerto Rico. Also, the kiddos were given plush animals that they absolutely love! They were also given art supplies, games, books and things to help keep them entertained that were helpful.
    Have a great trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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    1. This is excellent advice, we are giving money and stuff – planning on coloring books, kids supplies, bug spray and Neosporin. That is the plan for now – just going to visit a church in the area, or ask around and drop it off, also going to leave all our clothes’ there if they need them. Not sure, but cant wait to go and post.

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    1. Yeah, there was a time when my ex was unemployed and I was a stay at home mom, and he hid some bills/spending and we almost lost our house. I went to work, and ate from the food bank for a few months, we made it but just barely. David lost his house in his previous marriage after his divorce and economy turn down, so we get what it is like to be down (not as low as multiple earthquakes of course) but helping in anyway we can.

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      1. Beautiful story! Just beautiful, Laura! I am motivated similarly only I know what it is to loose my health. So now I assist and help animals who require very special help. And knowing what it is like to be neglected, I also walk Compassion and Love to those whose spirits “cry”. I SO get why you do what you do! BIG (((HUGS)))!! xo

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  4. You and your husband are kind and thoughtful people!

    My daughter went to Puerto Rico for a family wedding a few years back and loved it. It’s sad how they have been hit again and again with tragedy! With help from our fellow human beings, we have a better chance of bouncing back. We are in this boat called life together.

    Susan Grace

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