Renaissance Festival – Michigan

We are so far behind on posting, but have been busy living life. Took the kids to the Renaissance Festival three weekends ago, then it rained, REALLY rained, and the mud was ankle deep, so we left, but not before we had a few hours of fun, and I touched some poison Ivy and still working on healing that up. David can touch the stuff with this bare hands, I have the wind blow when I am next to it, and I covered.

So David, Garion and Sabrina dressed up, but not Katrina or me. Garion met his mother at the fair, so we have no pictures of him, but he had a wonderful time.

With and without a flash, moving the frame around,not sure which Game of Thrones chair picture we like the most.

It was getting cold out and Katrina used a blanket until it started to POUR Down soon after this picture.

Cool picture of a guy costume we loved!

A band we love listening to – they moved in close off the stage, as it was raining out and the equipment was mostly covered.

31 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival – Michigan

  1. We took our kids to the Renaissance Fares when they were young. They loved going and still do even now in their 30’s. My daughter just had a Renaissance wedding in August. I was so beautiful.

    I like the the brighter version of the GoT throne pictures. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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      1. Glad you are almost healed up! We have poison oak on the West Coast and it it absolutely awful! We say that my mom gets it just by looking at it. I think your theory of standing near it in the wind is more likely. Anyways, I feel your pain girl! I hope you’re 100% better super fast!

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  2. Hi friends. Glad your time was good. Photo viewing issue here. I can view them if I click on where the photos should be, but not all show on the page in unison. It has happened on my posts more than once, I haven’t figured out why.

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